Tuesday, September 13, 2011


OK, I've never claimed to be bright ... all right, I have claimed to be bright. But not sensible.

I kept thinking of the song Siren from the Bungle Music Video challenge and I can't get it out of my head. I pretty much talked myself out of my original concept for the video and with only a week to go, it really be impossible now to execute.

But perhaps there was a reason why I backed away from that idea. (Yes I'm trying to justify my own procastination, it's pretty much what I do here) That original concept took the literal interpretation of the song, of a woman breaking away, discarding her past and needing to be alone, and expanding on it slightly by using several actresses portraying the same roll ... but still keeping things pretty literal.

As I began to consider actually cranking out a video I thought: How can I do this without actresses, without locales and keep true to the essence of the song. And it struck me: I didn't want to do this literally, it was what I was rebelling against. I want the same feel of the song, make the singer's plight more universal and what better way to do that than without any characters at all ...

Stop. Put the phone down. Don't call the looney bin. I'm alright. Well, as alright as I've ever been.

I was thinking too big before. I was thinking in terms of a real production, one that would be produced by a real production company. I ain't none of that. I'm just me, the Idiot with A Camera. I want to do things gonzo, I want the challenge of being shoestring, that's what I like about these challenges.

So here I go. Four days to go. My Sony HD cam, Collette's Nikon, some props at the house, shooting in the city ...

Buckle up.

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