Sunday, September 4, 2011


That's right, two new film making challenges .. shut up, sleep is over rated anyway.

The first one is an international film challenge, out of France, The One Minute Film Challenge. That's pretty much it, create a film that is exactly 60 seconds long, including credits. The deadline is Oct 13, they except any high quality video format and you can enter up to 5 videos.

It's an interesting challenge in a few ways; on one hand you have the time restriction but on the other hand the challenge is wide open, as long as you keep the video to a minute, you can make any kind of video you desire. I have a few ideas at this stage and I could see doing more than one video

The second challenge is another music video. The Bungle Music Video Challenge is to create a music video to a track created by drum/bass musician Bungle and featuring the voice of Ayah. That is the only brief, just make a video to the track. It's a very fast paced song, the kind that normally to which I would do a lot of edits; it would require an actress I think, locations, maybe costume changes .. yes, I already have ideas.

The deadline for this challenge is Sept 18 ... did I mention not really wanting to sleep for a while? The One Minute Challenge is certainly doable, the music challenge is going to be tight, it's going to take organization, pre production and some very methodical shooting.

Hang on

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  1. I look forward to your entries, I think I will try the music challenge myself. That is the same day as the Terry Fox run - good luck on your videos